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The Banyan Wellness Center

Massage, Holistic and Wellbeing Therapies

Mind, Body and Well-Being are the focus of The Banyan Wellness Center. Offering a wide range of massage styles, holistic therapies and other complementary treatments, the team of center therapists and over 12 independent therapists provide for client’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and support.

Having been recently renovated, the center can be described as modern, with a cozy, relaxing environment, where upon entering clients are able to immediately feel at ease, enabling everyone to gain the most out of their treatments and experiences at The Banyan Wellness Center.

We offer a range of Massage, Holistic and Well-being therapies providing physical, emotional and Spiritual well-being to people in and around the region, also offering courses, workshops, training and support groups that run throughout the year. Each treatment room is fully equipped for the individual needs of each practitioner and are also private so that you may feel confident and secure in your individual consultation.

We are currently able to provide a wide range of treatments and therapies but are always looking to add more, bringing on-board new therapists and practices all the time. We do not describe our therapies as ‘alternative’ but as ‘complementary’ as there is no strict dividing line between the therapies we offer and those provided by conventional medicine. Complementary therapies can and often do work very effectively alongside orthodox treatments.

Many hospitals in the UK now actively refer patients suffering from conditions as diverse as IBS, ME, MS, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Scoliosis, Stress, Weight issues and Back pain.

Increasingly GP surgeries are introducing therapies such as acupuncture and some hospitals even offering Reiki Healing albeit on a limited basis.

Hijama Cupping Therapy

New Wet & Dry Cupping Therapy now available at The Banyan Wellness Center.

How Cupping Can Help!

Wet or Dry Cupping is for an ideal treatment for women or men suffering from tight and sore muscles, digestive disorders, joint pain and more.This therapy works wonders on the back, stomach and arms actually almost all areas of the body will respond to this ancient treatment.

When used on the back or on tight, sore muscles, it helps to break up lipid pockets (knots), improve blood circulation and eliminate toxins and other waste products from your muscles, stimulates your lymphatic and blood circulation and generally relaxes and rejuvenates the body.

Cupping healers throughout the years have successfully treated a variety of symptoms and diseases that couldn’t be cured by conventional methods, including pulmonary tuberculosis, colds, back pains, muscle spasms and pinched nerves. This therapy has its origins in ancient times, adopted by many cultures and still used today for pain and general well-being.

As such there are many ways that it is being practiced, Please be aware that the practice we follow is Hijama, the wet cupping practice where blood is drawn through the skin to detoxify the body. This has been used in the Middle East for centuries. Recently, cupping has become more popular in the U.S. and other Western nations too, as some doctors have started implementing cupping and acupuncture into their patients.This therapy is perfectly safe when done correctly and following the correct hygiene procedures.

We also offer the Dry Cupping where suction is applied to the skin to lift the muscle away from the skeleton and free joint tightness.

Female Therapist Following Safe, Hygienic Practice in a Relaxing Environment. Call us on 01282 620935 to book in and get your well-being underway. *Please note no heat or fire is used in either technique.

“We aim to be able to offer our services to everyone, offering low prices and discounts keeping the treatments accessible no matter what your budget.”


Please be advised if you are late for an appointment then your session maybe cut short due to subsequent bookings needing to be maintained. A £10 non-refundable booking fee is required per treatment.
To cancel or reschedule 48 hours notice is required. We reserve the right to retain booking fees for any cancellations or rescheduled appointments that are not within the 48 hours prior to the booked treatment.
Prices shown are subject to change without prior notice.

Treatments & Therapies

You don’t need to have an ailment or be in discomfort or pain to benefit from a professional massage treatment. Over the years many people go for a regular treatment because they find it helps them feel better, mentally and physically. They feel more relaxed, with more energy and are better able to manage the issues that life throws up. So even if you are in relatively good health why not come for a treatment and see how much better you can feel.

Massage Therapy

Whether you have an injury, recovering from injury or operation, suffer from RSI, back pain or regular headaches, we have a treatment that could offer relief and help towards recovery. Treatments can be tailored to suit your needs so please ask to speak to one of our senior therapists for the best treatment for you. And if you like more than one of our treatments they are often available as packages. Be sure to check out our SPECIAL OFFERS to see how you can take advantage of some of our deals.

Unisex Natural Beauty

From manicures & pedicures to waxing, The Banyan Wellness Center offers a wide range of beauty treatments including threading treatments, brow tinting/re-shaping, lash extensions, facial skin masks and full body treatments as well many other treatments and if you like more than one of our treatments they are often available as packages. Be sure to check out our SPECIAL OFFERS to see how you can take advantage of some of our deals.

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapies are therapies that treat the body as a whole the ‘Whole-istic’ approach, and are a gentler way to treat the body, mind and soul. These treatments can help to release emotions, blockages and feelings that may have been suppressed that are causing a physical effect such as muscular tension.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

This may come as a surprise to many people, but hypnosis is not a state of deep sleep. People seem to have misconceptions due to stage hypnosis and from what they have seen on television. Hypnotherapy is exactly what it says, using the process of hypnosis combined with therapy to encourage your subconscious mind to find solutions to problems.


Counselling is a type of talking therapy that allows a person to talk about their problems and feelings in a confidential and dependable environment. Sometimes the term ‘counselling’ is used to refer to talking therapies in general, but counselling is also a specific type of therapy in it’s own right. Other psychological therapies include psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and relationship therapy.

Questions & Queries

Not sure what treatment is the correct one for you? Maybe you require more information on a specific treatment or service we provide or just have a question that needs answering, if so then please do not hesitate to telephone us here at the Banyan Center or you could email us via the address below, alternatively use the contact form to the right.

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